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Solemn Skies

The second limited single from Childhood on House Anxiety. The soaring track is released on 10" (with download) and comes backed by a dreamy Sonic Boom remix. Childhood's now-signature sun-kissed melodies are gaining a reputation of their own, and this time round hazy guitars are out in force, channelling a variety of 90s influences into something vibrant and exciting. Not many songs could define a summer better, presuming this one actually arrives.  Think a mix of 'Disintegration' era Cure, the Verve and Felt.


Released 10/06/2013BUY £2.29

Catalogue No: HA00142

Availability: In stock

Solemn Skies
Solemn Skies (Sonic Boom remix)


Released 10/06/2013Unavailable

Catalogue No: ha0012

Availability: Currently Unavailable