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Publisher of the Month


Some of the landmarks of Canongate’s publishing history including Yann Martel’s Life of Pi, the best-ever-selling Booker winner, and Alasdair Gray’s masterpiece Lanark. They’ve published an American president (recognizing the promise of Barack Obama’s memoirs when he was still just a senator from Illinois) and a Guantanamo detainee (Mohamedou Ould Slahi – who wrote Guantánamo Diary while still interned at the camp – was finally freed in 2016 after fourteen years without charge or trial). They’ve campaigned for political causes and fought court cases to get their authors heard (going all the way to the UK’s Supreme Court to lift an injunction against James Rhodes’ Instrumental). Twice they’ve won Publisher of the Year.

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The Canons are some of the most unforgettable books that Canongate publish, and make a typically varied collection of titles: some are already classics, the rest will be soon. From the free-wheeling, wild wit of Richard Brautigan, to the profound and beautiful meditation on nature The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd, to David Simon’s incredible exploration of the real Baltimore crime scene Homicide: the only thing that connects these books is that once you’ve read them, you’ll never quite shake them. (That and the effortlessly elegant series style, designed by Rafaela Romaya.)

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Read "Five Books About Music” by CEO of Canongate Jamie Byng in January’s Rough Trade Magazine on sale now