Garret Moore | live | National Piano Day performance

Monday, 20th March 2017

From 3:00pm to 3:30pm

This is a free event

Rough Trade East

Rough Trade is proud to welcome Garret Moore for his debut performance at Rough Trade East, on National Piano Day.

Free entry // 3.00pm on-stage.

"Piano has always felt like a bass and snar. Two different registers playing off each other, The rhythm is dictated by your aggression,subtly and ability to evoke a singular idea with two moving parts."

" Piano is the jam between bass and guitar. Like Hendrix and Redding or John Paul Jones and Page, it is map for song writers to replicate a band. I've always played piano in this way, it is and will always be the most therapeutic form of music performance I've ever known."

Garret Moore is a self-thought pianist and song writer from Dublin Ireland based in London. After breaking his own hand, Moore took two years off from performing piano until the summer of 2016 where he began to transpose songs from his band back to piano.

Studying Musicology at University in Dublin, Garret was often criticised by his teachers for his 'primitive technique' and inability to sight read. This did not however effect the influence of Classical music on his writing and growing up in a prominent punk scene in Co. Wicklow Ireland, Moore has always adopted a DIY approach to piano as both a tool and canvas to evoke his song writing and arrangement style.

Influences in include, The Pogues, Bruce Springsteen, Leonard Cohan and The Band.