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Who, what, why AIAIAI?

With so much choice in headphones, it helps to have a trusted recommendation. That’s why we’ve partnered with AIAIAI, a Danish audio design company dedicated to developing superb audio devices for everyday use, be that a commute or studio work.

The timeless purity of AIAIAI designs is informed by their heritage of Scandinavian design, not trend-driven aesthetics - a welcome independent approach we can identify with.

We also really like how AIAIAI develop new products by listening to their global network of industrial designers, audio technicians and DJs.

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In short, it’s all about the music, and like us here at Rough Trade, AIAIAI work closely with those that create and appreciate it, delivering a definitive experience for us all to enjoy.

We’ve AIAIAI on every one of our listening posts, so if you are in one of our stores please try them out. And if you’d like advice on which AIAIAI is best for you, just ask us and we’ll recommend.

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