Angèle David-Guillou


  • vglp006
  • LP + MP3
  • Release Date: January 4th 2019
  • £12.99

In contrast to much of her oeuvre to date, Angele's debut album under her given name is a largely, if not exclusively, instrumental work, predominantly consisting of melodically opulent, emotionally compelling compositions for the grand piano (and, on three songs, a Wurlitzer electric piano), many of them emblazoned with vivid arrangements for strings, woodwind, musical saw and percussion. Inspired by the direct, elemental melodies of French folk and the flamboyant arrangements of European and Latin American Baroque music, 'Kourouma' is hallmarked by a purity of expression, its almost nakedly immediate melodic lines as unsullied and affecting as those of Harold Budd or even Bill Evans at his most reflective.Deluxe heavyweight 180 Gram Vinyl with download.