Beach Fossils

What A Pleasure (Reissue)

  • BR021CD
  • Release Date: November 23rd 2018
  • £9.99

Brooklyn bedroom pop pioneers Beach Fossils’ stand out EP, What a Pleasure, is reissued for the first time since it’s 2011 release! Songwriter and composer Dustin Payseur’s upbeat follow up to his band’s self titled debut is a refined exploration of dreamy guitar sounds, lush synth arrangements, and confessional songwriting. Born out of late night jams with his bandmates and long time collaborator Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing), What a Pleasure expanded on Beach Fossils’ sonic landscape and resulted in some of Payseur’s most memorable tracks. The EP has gradually become a cult classic among fans of the band, and many of its songs still work their way into Beach Fossils’ live sets today. This What a Pleasure reissue is released on Payseur and his partner Katie Garcia’s own label, Bayonet Records.

LP - Black Vinyl.

LP+ - Limited Yellow Vinyl. 1000 Copies.

Tape - Limited to 200 Copies.