Ben Vendetta

Sunset Trip

  • 9781999752835
  • Release Date: October 18th 2018
  • £8.99

It's 1999, and former music journalist Drew, out of rehab, is trying to hold down a soul-sapping day job, and struggling to come to terms with another failed relationship.

Reconnecting with a musician friend, Drew is given the chance to relocate to L.A. and a path back into the music industry. But will this move be Drew's last shot at contentment, or drag him back into the rock'n'roll heart of darkness?

A wonderful final chapter in an indie rock odyssey. 'Sunset Trip' recreates with panache and passion the sleaze, power and excitement of a world the author knows well.

"A tale of outsiders brought together by rock'n'roll, and the anxiety of missing your chance in life."

Jim Reid (The Jesus And Mary Chain)

"Ben Vendetta delivers another lysergic slab of subculture mayhem, oozing with unabashed style and pazzazz."

Sam Knee, author of 'A Scene In Between'