Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament

  • GIIG01CD
  • Release Date: September 14th 2018
  • £9.99

Brand new album from a legend of the UK Grime / Hip Hop scene. Ghetts is a legendary British artist from Plaistow, East London. He is a rapper who came through in the first wave of grime and has consistently earned the undying respect of his peers and fans. He is an artist who has exhibited strategic brilliance and hard graft throughout his career, relying consistently on wit and talent, bringing him to a point today where he is not only making the best music of his life, but personally is in a position of acceptance and acute self-knowledge. Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament is a diverse and culturally relevant interpretation – both visually and lyrically – on his life, story and the times we live in now touching on topics of equality, female empowerment, cancer, crime and fatherhood. This album is also a continuation of the themes he explored on 2007s Ghetto Gospel with Ghetts stating that upon the release of the original he had all these emotions with his daughter coming into the world, she was in and out of hospital and he was in a different chapter of his life. Fast forward to now, those things may not have changed but he has a different perspective on it; a different handle on things - “That’s what this album is about, perspective and being able to grasp all sides of a story. It gives me a new perspective to appreciate life and what we have. To make a difference rather than only be able to wish you make a difference. When I talk to people who don’t have that freedom it makes me realise we have opportunities here. DO not waster your freedom, believe me it’s a blessing to have. Which is why I want to use my voice and the ability to tell a story in hope that someone will understand the freedom they have been given Is not to be taken for granted”.