Wireless On Ear Headphones


Rough Trade Gifts of the Year 2017 No: 13

This preset has been configured with the titanium-coated S02 speaker unit that delivers a punchy and intense sound representation, focusing on bass and low end dynamics.

The combination of the H05 smart headband and the E02 on-ear PU leather earpads, which provides high isolation, results in a powerful wireless, sturdy headphone suitable for electronic or bass heavy music. Includes USB-C charging.

Aiaiai tma2 h05 e02 image

The Wireless All Round Preset Comprises:

S02 Speaker Units - Engineered with a titanium coated driver to reduce distortion, and designed with an internal vent allowing the middle bass to be more clear and punchy.

H05 Headband - Bluetooth Headband with integrated microphone enabling wireless TMA-2 Modular configurations. Including USB-C charging cable.

E02 Earpads - Closed and intense sound representation. Produces strong bass and low end dynamics. High isolation.

C05 Cable - Short 1.2 meter straight Thermo plastic cable, soft touch surface and perfect for small workstation.

Aiaiai h05 table
  • Label AIAIAI
  • Released 30/11/17

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