His Clancyness


  • fatcd125
  • Release Date: October 7th 2013
  • £10.99

Hallmarked by this ability to emotionally affect and anchored in classic indie melodies, the songs deal in a very contemporary currency (home recording aesthetics, nods to peers, ) whilst fitting within / drawing upon a wider lineage. An avowed rock and pop culture obsessive, Clancy cites a long and varied list of artists as influences - Swell Maps, Can, Bowie, Modern Lovers, Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, The Gun Club, Women, Stevie Nicks, Gastr Del Sol, Zombies and "just about every psychedelic pop nugget ever produced." The album is warm and precise, filled with an unfaltering procession of addictive, hook-filled tracks. The softer-edges of those earlier recordings are replaced by a dynamic of real drive and bite, where every part feels perfectly balanced and intended.