Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts

13 Fall Songs

  • Release Date: January 18th 2019
  • £8.99

A lovingly seat-of-the-pants tribute to Mark E Smith and the mighty Fall. When Mark E Smith left planet Earth in January 2018, Jeffrey Lewis and Los Bolts were already planning 13 UK gigs in March-April... Jeffrey's unsuspecting bandmates (and unsuspecting audiences) were subjected to the following challenge: start each of those 13 UK gigs with a different Fall song. Bassist Mem and drummer Brent had never even heard most of these songs, but you know how the bass and drum parts go in most Fall songs: "Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!" So they weren't too hard to learn, even with little rehearsal time. No lyric sheets were used. Each song was performed only once then abandoned and replaced with the next gig's song selection. A small digital recording device was left running for each of the gigs, often stashed in the back of the room at the merch table or at the sound desk, to capture these one-take-only Fall covers.

No track list is provided... just like the audiences at these gigs, you'll have to figure out what's going on "in real time." This is a real CD, not a CDR, but the CD and liner/art is packaged only in a clear, slim poly slip-sleeve, not a jewel case or digipak. This CD is a one-time pressing, this album is not available on LP, download, cassette or any other format. All songs have been officially licensed.

Jeffrey himself says: "Does it sound good? No. Does it sound rehearsed? No. But if you're a Fall fan who can stomach listening to such subterranean documents as Totale's Turns or The Legendary Chaos Tape then you can probably handle this!"