Jesse Mac Cormack


  • SCR88CD
  • 4 Panel Cardboard Jacket.
  • Release Date: May 3rd 2019
  • £9.99

Albums Of The Month - May 2019

A bounteous musical display stretches before you in a well-cooked mix of folk, rock and shiny pop.

This is the debut album - it’s been a long time gestating and the wisdom of the time spent building it is clear in it’s delivery. Jesse (known for production work with Patrick Watson, The Barr Brothers and Cat Power) played bass, steel drums, synths and guitar on the album as well as singing. Rolling, mesmerising rhythms and melodies draw you into a sophisticated world of grown-up pop songs fronted by the rich assured vocals of JMC.

LP - Rough Trade Version with a bonus 7" featuring two extra tracks The Way Down and To the End. We are the only place in the UK to have this. Special Limited Edition Milky Clear Vinyl in Single Pocket Jacket with Matte finish. 12’’ x 24’’ folded poster with exclusive artwork and lyrics included. Download coupon included.

CD - 4 Panel Cardboard Jacket.

Featured in: Albums of the Month - May 2019