Mara Simpson

285 Days

  • MSCD1
  • Digipack.
  • Release Date: January 11th 2019
  • £9.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Month - January 2019

Hertfordshire-born, Brighton-based with Kenyan roots, Mara Simpson is classically trained in piano and guitar. This album is recorded with Poppy Ackroyd, Fiddes Smith, Jools Owen and Jamie Patterson.

This is intimate story song telling - songs to listen to when you’re tired and lonely and just want someone to sing you to sleep. A piano backs the swooning violin and crooning vocals as they soar to meet up with the occasional whirling organ. These are firelight tales to listen to while drinking whiskey. Sweet bird-like notes, a lick of folk and a kick of country completes a sound both majestic and cathartic.

CD - Digipack.

LP - Standard Black Vinyl.

Featured in: Albums of the Month - January 2019