Mark Peters


  • scr094lp
  • Release Date: October 26th 2018
  • £19.99

Rough Trade Albums of the Year 2018 No.8

Rough Trade Exclusive white vinyl with download. 300 copies only.

Innerland is the first ever solo album by Engineers co-founder/songwriter and Ulrich Schnauss collaborator Mark Peters. Originally released as a low-key limited-edition cassette late last year, it has now been re-landscaped into a larger-scale, eight-track album and gets a full release on vinyl and CD. This collection of instrumentals nods to Brian Eno, Talk Talk, Richard Thompson, Vini Reilly and Felt’s Maurice Deebank. It highlights Mark’s incredible musicianship, positioning his guitar rather than his voice as the focal point of the music.

LP - Limited white vinyl with download. 300 copies only.

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