Bury Me at Makeout Creek

  • doc122lp
  • £12.99

One of this years big hits from SXSW. Singer-songwriter Mitski Miyawaki's breakthrough LP bubbles with poignant black humour. "I will retire to the Salton Sea / At the age of 23 / For I'm starting to learn I may never be free," she confesses in 'Drunk Walk Home,' before screaming into a void of distorted guitars. A folk record at its core, 'Bury Me at Makeout Creek' is edged with heavy riffs that at various times recall Black Sabbath and even Liz Phair. But it's Mitski's talent for penning deep-cutting lyrics that makes this album soar: "If your hands need to break more than trinkets in your room / You can lean on my arm as you break my heart." Mitski's third LP is a vulnerable, anti-authority soft riot.