Angèle David-Guillou

En Mouvement

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  • 180 Gram Vinyl with Download.
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Composer and musician Angèle David-Guillou has reworked for organ a selection of tracks from her mesmerising sophomore album, En Mouvement. Titled Mouvements Organiques, these five pieces recorded in just one morning at Union Chapel, echo the ideas and motifs of its counterpart.

London-based French composer Angèle David-Guillou makes audacious music that explores the interaction between rhythm and melody, structure and emotion, permanence and change. Her work is one of incessant dialogue between these elements, creating hypnotic compositions whose mutable internal architecture and shifting melodic accentuations immediately draw the listener in. In 2006 she moved to London and recorded her debut solo album, under the Klima moniker. Released the following year on West London’s Peacefrog imprint (home to José González, Little Dragon et al), the album was a critical success. With her second album of modern composition, Angele David-Guillou’s career is palpably en movement, and, excitingly, it feels like the beginning of a long and thrillingly creative musical journey.

LP - 180 Gram Vinyl with Download.