Eve Libertine


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Eve Libertine - Visual artist, illustrator and writer releases a live recital performance of Jack Kerouac’s poem Sea. Eve Libertine is best known for her role as co-lead vocalist in Crass (alongside Steve Ignorant) – the seminal anarchist punk band who, in the late ‘70s, launched a cultural attack on all social fronts; God, Queen and Country. Libertine wrote and performed most of the songs on the group's third album, Penis Envy, which concentrated exclusively on feminist issues and featured only female voices. Sea was recorded by the BBC at London’s Vortex in 2003 as part of that year’s London Jazz Festival, the multifaceted artist has been experimenting with improvisational works for some time, ranging from John Cage and Cornelius Cardew to her own settings of Blake’s poems, and performed alongside a network of jazz musicians she and Crass bandmate Penny Rimbaud have collaborated with. Rimbaud (Crass’ drummer and chief lyricist) found the recording of Libertine’s Vortex performance on a tape, which had for some time lay unheard and unmixed. He also released an album of his own jazz-accompanied recitals of Wilfred Owens’ poetry in November 2017, and Libertine continues to work with him within this largely jazz based format. “During the performance there were moments when I felt I was on the sea within the improvisation, at other moments it was as if Kerouac was there beside me” said Libertine, speaking about the recital. Big Sur is a biographical novel Kerouac wrote when he was suffering extreme depression following the publication of On the Road, his subsequent exposure to the media and his new-found fame. After Crass disbanded in 1984, Libertine trained briefly as a classical singer and then went on to release her first post-Crass album, Skating the Side of Violence. She toured extensively in the West Coast of the US, supporting folk-hustlers Chumbawamba. Her collaborative poetry and jazz projects were borne out of a concert at Queen Elizabeth Hall in opposition to the Iraq War, curated by Libertine and Rimbaud and which saw them found The Crass Collective specifically for the event. The Collective expanded to include the jazz musicians that Rimbaud and Libertine had come to know the Vortex Jazz Club, and boyed Libertine on to create further collaborative works of this nature.

CD - Hardback Cover CD.