Mark Peters


  • scr094c
  • Limited to 125 Copies
  • £8.99

Sonic Cathedral release the first ever solo recordings by ex-Engineers songwriter Mark Peters.
Innerland is a six-track mini-album and released on Tape only - Limited to 125 Copies. It follows Mark’s two acclaimed collaborations with German electronica genius and Tangerine Dream member, Ulrich Schnauss. A collection of instrumentals, with nods to Brian Eno,
Talk Talk, Richard Thompson, Vini Reilly and Felt’s Maurice Deebank, Innerland highlights Mark’s incredible musicianship, positioning his guitar rather than his voice as the focal point of the music. It also finds him reconnecting with his youth and rediscovering a sense of place, following a move back home to northwest England late last year, with all the songs named after local places and landmarks.