Live at Lincoln Hall

  • Limited to 1500 Copies on Purple Vinyl.
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Rough Trade Albums of the Year 2018 Exclusive

First ever live album from Khruangbin. Limited to 1500 copies on purple vinyl.

Live at Lincoln Hall is the first ever live album from Houston-based trio Khruangbin recorded over two nights at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. The six songs last almost 40 minutes and include the 11 minute plus centrepiece, “People Everywhere”. Their unique, psychedelic vibe and unique sound comprised of spoken word, faint vocal melodies, and impeccably performed guitar solos. It's super relaxed, smouldering, and simply stunning. Available on purple vinyl. Limited to 1500 copies worldwide.

Track Listing

A1. Como Me Quieres

A2. Lady and Man

A3. Evan Finds the Third Room

B1. Lincoln Hall Potpourri (The Next Episode, It Was A Good Day, Got Your Money, Electric Relaxation, Your Love, Sun Goddess, Time: Donuts of the Heart, Nothin' But a G Thang, Summer Madness)

B2. Maria Tambien

B3. People Everywhere

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Khruangbin at Rough Trade East

Five Minutes with Khruangbin

Congratulations on 'Con Todo El Mundo' making Rough Trade Albums of the Year for 2018! It feels very much like Khruangbin fever has swept the music world this year! How has the response to this record been greater or different to your first?

"It has certainly been different than years past. When we released ‘The Universe Smiles Upon You’, we were just putting ourselves out into the world. By the time we put out ‘Con Todo El Mundo’, there were people ready and waiting for it. Between that and touring incessantly, we can feel the difference from the crowds, in the air, and the step up in tours. And the best part is, we’ve never felt more like a family."

You made a Spotify playlist for us early in 2018 (thank you, it's great!) How much does the music you listen to in your spare time influence the record we hear today?

"Hugely. Mark always has a new collection of songs to play us each week when we’re backstage getting ready. The things that grab DJ and my attention then tend to funnel into its own “Khruangbin approved” playlist, and those songs will go to keep us company throughout tour and most likely influence what we make next."

What is special about the accompanying release, why did you decide to press it to vinyl for Rough Trade?

"This year has been full of highlights, and it felt right to capture a memory of a live show. It’s like a time capsule of Khruangbin 2018. The show at Lincoln Hall had a particular energy the night of April 20. In the US, 420 is a stoner holiday, and the people of Chicago were ready to celebrate. We’d been building a medley that accompanied each of our headline shows this year, and we tried to pull local songs into the mix when possible. That Chicago medley, what we call Lincoln Hall Potpourri’ on the record, was the biggest the medley ever got--which included a snippit of Frankie Knuckles’s ‘Your Love’ (in honor of Chicago) and Rick James’s ‘Mary Jane’ (in honor of 420)."

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Khruangbin Shoplifting at Rough Trade East

LP - Limited to 1500 copies on purple vinyl.

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