Obsolete Capitalism and Félix Guattari

Chaos Variation I

  • NURKFM001.01
  • 12 " vinyl 45rpm + 164-pages book in two colors yellow and black + color printed cover on canvas - 2018 - Limited edition of 50 copies with English version of Guattari's fragment (La machine informatique, Vincennes, 1975).
  • £14.99

Debut vinyl for the two chaos-dub-noise collectives, Obsolete Capitalism and Network Ensemble with two tracks conceived as the first variation dedicated to the sonic concept of Chaos and Rhythm. The tracks are in form of sonic writing, based on an unpublished fragment of a lecture by the French rhizomatic philosopher Félix Guattari, recorded in Vincennes in 1975. The variations reflect the core of the two collectives: the first one by Obsolete Capitalism is a dark gothic noise dub, the second one by Network Ensemble is a nervous data-noise evocation of sonic writing. The vinyl EP comes with a 164-page colour book with cover in canvas (ita/eng) entitled “Money, Revolution and Philosophy of the Future" where different essays by Obsolete Capitalism, Edmund Berger, Lapo Berti, Paolo Vignola e Sara Baranzoni offer clues on the conspiracy theory in the rhizomatic accelerationist movement of the ‘70s in France with philosophers like Klossowski, Deleuze, Guattari, Foucault.