Olafur Arnalds


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  • CD Digi containing 12 page booklet.
  • £10.99
  • Rough Trade Exclusive Clear Vinyl plus 8 Page Booklet.
  • £24.99

Rough Trade Exclusive: Clear Vinyl With Plus 8-Page Booklet.


Long time Rough Trade favourite Olafur Arnalds of Reykjavik plays piano alongside two brand-new software programme powered normal pianos. Olafur’s piano triggers the semi-generative player pianos which were created by composer and engineer Halldór Eldjárn.


A unique and unusual trio of pianos fed from Olafur’s piano and with unexpected results. I don’t know which of the musical contributions came from computer-powered voodoo electrickery piano critters and which from human skill but the result is a beautiful and emotive collage of pianos, strings and beats. Over soothing simple keyboards, shuffling beats come creeping in while the pianos swell, sweep and soar. Divine harmonies descend, dancing piano notes, swaying string harmonies and stirring undercurrents combine in a glorious surging mass of sound.


Nils Frahm, Max Richter, Jon Hopkins, Sigur Ros, Mum, Michael Nyman, Brian Eno, Johann Johannson, Erik Satie, Tim Hecker, Nicholas Jaar, Pole, Maurizio

CD - Digi containing 12 page booklet.

LP - Standard Black Vinyl plus 8 Page Booklet.

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive Clear Vinyl plus 8 Page Booklet. Limited to 1000 Copies.

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