Ryley Walker

Primrose Green

  • doc101lp
  • £12.99

For fans of William Tyler and Steve Gunn. Ryley Walker is the reincarnation of the true American guitar player. That's as much a testament to his roving, rambling ways, or the fact that his Guild D-35 guitar has endured a few stints in the pawnshop. Swap out rural juke joints for rotted DIY spaces and the archetype is solidly intact. His personal life might be tumultuous and his residential status in question, but his bedrock is disciplined daily rehearsal and an inexhaustible wellspring of songcraft. The board was barely reset from the 'All Kinds of You' sessions before Ryley was corralling his by-then-rejiggered band back into Minbal studios in Chicago to solidify a totally new direction in his creative vision. 'Primrose Green' couldn't be restrained. It begins near where 'All Kinds of You' leaves off but quickly pushes far afield. The title sounds pastoral and quaint, but the titular green has dark hallucinogenic qualities, as does much of the LP. LP - Black Vinyl with Download.LP+ - Limited Coloured Vinyl Version with Download. (Sold Out).