Tyler Childers


4 Panel Wallet with 8-panel poster.

180 Gram Vinyl with Inner Sleeve and Download.

Rough Trade Album of the Month: January 2018 (No. 4)

Like many great Southern storytellers, singer-songwriter Tyler Childers has fallen in love with a place. The people, landmarks and legendary moments from his childhood home of Lawrence County, Kentucky, populate the 10 songs in Purgatory, an album that’s simultaneously modern and as ancient as the Appalachian Mountains in which events unfold. The album, co-produced by Grammy Award winners Sturgill Simpson and David Ferguson, is a semiautobiographical sketch of Childers’ growth from wayward youth to happily married man, told in the tradition of a Southern gothic novel with a classic noir antihero who may just be irredeemable. Purgatory is a chiaroscuro painting with darkness framing light in high relief. There’s catharsis and redemption. Sin and temptation. Murder and deceit. Demons and angels. Moonshine and cocaine. So much moonshine and cocaine. All played out on the large, colourful canvas of Eastern Kentucky.

CD - 4 Panel Wallet with 8-panel poster.

LP - 180 Gram Vinyl with Inner Sleeve and Download.

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