My Own Mess

  • RATBAG014
  • Limited yellow transparent vinyl with fanzine designed by Irvine.
  • £19.99

One of the hottest bands from Australia are in town this week and they have dropped just a few copies of their classic skate rock album - file alongside JFA / Faction / Thrasher Skate Rock comps. Comes with a 'zine with artwork for every song by ace artist Irvine.

" Byron Bay trio Skegss deal in short garage-punk blasts of the kind that usually come replete with a skateboard, a spliff and a weary sigh from your Mum. But though Skegss tick many of the classic shambolic boxes (songs that mostly clock in under three minutes? Check. An affinity with mosh-along three chord simplicity? Check), there’s something a little more self-aware going on in ‘My Own Mess’ than just a fug of drugs, booze and good times. Opener ‘Up In The Clouds’ finds singer Ben Reed looking wistfully back on his life so far; ‘Road Trip’ documents the comedown rather than the high, while even hedonistic single ‘Smogged Out’ is set the morning after. Skegss might soundtrack the party, but they’re all too aware of the pitfalls." DIY.