The Leisure Society

Arrivals and Departures

  • EDR001CD EDR001LP
  • Double CD in Slipcase Wallet.
  • £11.99
  • Double Vinyl Set.
  • £19.99

The Leisure Society release their fifth album, Arrivals and Departures. During the promotion of the band’s previous LP, The Fine Art of Hanging On, Nick and their flautist Helen Whitaker went through a long process of separation, ultimately resulting in Nick moving out of their Brighton home. This displacement set the tone for the next 18 months, as Nick moved from one temporary accommodation to the next, writing and recording demos constantly as he came to terms with the break up - which would eventually become the foundation of their fifth full length album, Arrivals and Departures.

2CD - Double CD in Slipcase Wallet.

2LP - Double Vinyl Set.