Last Of The Easy Riders

Unto the Earth

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Rough Trade Album of the Month: January 2018 (No. 8)

From high in the Rocky Mountains, Last of the Easy riders descend with Unto the Earth, its new psych-infused country-rock long-player. Like the Denver-based band’s debut, a 2016 self-titled EP, the new full-length is issued by Agitated Records. While the Easy Riders’ first outing exhibited the band’s kaleidoscope of trippy guitar sounds and production techniques, Unto the Earth unveils the band’s earnest songwriting chops and knack for genuine Bakersfield-Sound country. Though, the guys certainly didn’t abandon its lysergic-leanings, especially on the mind-warping title track – which also serves as the lead single. With no shortage of jangly guitars, piano and pedal steel, the LP no doubt echoes Clarence White-era Byrds, but it doesn’t stray far from the band’s Southwestern-rock ‘n’ roll roots. The early-‘70s AM rock sounds of Free Wheelin’, the opening track, reverberates the band’s nomadic lyrical tendencies, while promptly setting up the sonic road trip Unto the Earth delivers. Turn the Tide, which closes Side A, melds brilliantly modest Tom Petty-esque guitar riffing with the Easy Riders’ signature vocal harmonies – which soar across both sides of the wax. Being the first full-length for the band, the members – whom all share songwriting credits – were able to stretch out and laydown some lengthy and tastefully-stacked arrangements. From the fiery doors-esque jamming on Woodland Echoes to the ominous western guitar lines of Shadow Cruiser, numerous moods freely wander across the nine-song track list. This album is for fans of the Byrds, Eagles, CSNY, Gene Clark, Electric Prunes, Stephen Stills, Tom Petty etc.

LP - Limited to 500 Copies on Red with Download and Poster Insert.

CD - Digipack.

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