The Top of the Poppers - Sing and Play the Hits of David Bowie

  • ESLP02
  • Purple Vinyl.
  • £17.99

The second twelve-inch LP on the new Electronic Sound record label. The Top Of The Poppers Sing And Play The Hits Of David Bowie brings together the nine Bowie tracks which featured on Pickwick Records’ legendary ‘Top Of The Pops’ budget albums between 1972 and 1980. The ‘Top Of The Pops’ business model saw Pickwick churn out album after album of cover versions of the big hits of the day recorded by a ever-changing group of session musicians known only as The Top Of The Poppers. It didn’t matter that the original records had already sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The ‘Top Of The Pops’ compilations were cheap to buy and were so popular that they were excluded from the official charts. From Starman to Fashion, the nine tracks here represent a celebration of not only David Bowie himself, but the strangeness of the era during which he crafted his most essential work. And as is only fitting for that era, the album is available on groovy purple vinyl too.