New Order


  • 8573819532
  • Release Date: February 24th 2005
  • £5.99

this is new order's debut (from 1981) in name only, with the ghost of ian curtis still hanging heavily over his grieving joy division bandmates. it would take them one more step, to the brilliant 'power, corruption and lies', to really assert their own power. 'movement' is the sound of guitarist bernard sumner, percussionist stephen morris, and innovative bassist peter hook building a bridge from joy division's sturm und drang drone to new order's considerably brighter dance pop. it's an interesting bridge to cross though, peppered with dark highlights like the almost poppy 'dreams never end,' the blip-blooping electro chaos of the pere ubu-influenced 'icb,' and 'the him,' with its rhythmic echoes of joy division's 'atrocity exhibition'.