Of Montreal

Innocence Reaches

  • 0644110031723
  • Release Date: August 12th 2016
  • £9.99

The project's 14th LP follows two full decades of mercurial creative mania: swallowing up '60s psych-pop, Prince-ly funk, and glammy prog in turn; morphing freely between full-band affair and cloistered confessional booth; comprising lyrics both painfully personal and absurdly fantastical; and recently drawing site-specific inspiration from culture capitals like San Francisco or New York City. The thread that runs through it all is Athens, GA's Kevin Barnes, and 'Innocence Reaches' finds him at his most light-hearted in years, working a Parisian stint, Top 40 sounds, and his newfound single status into the kaleidoscopic swirl. 'Innocence Reaches' features darker moments to be sure - isolation, anger, indifference, and the feeling that, like a Truffaut film, madness lurks just outside the frame.LP -

180-Gram Light Blue vinyl with download code. Packaged in deluxe gatefold jacket with 18x24 David Barnes-designed poster.Tape - Limited Lime Green Cassette.