True Love EP

  • phorus0002
  • Release Date: September 8th 2017
  • £9.99

Rough Trade favourites Otzeki with a new vinyl only EP compiling their latest single True Love with their previous three singles All This Time, Already Dead and Touch (all supported by BBC Radio 1 and international radio) and released by their South London-based label Discophorus. True Love is pockmarked with relentless beats and glazed with reverent, trance-infused synths, it's endlessly smooth but clearly raw; this is a heady number purpose-built for twilight chaos that seeps into every crevice it stumbles across. It's the kind of demonic jam that fuels a kind late-night debauchery only glimpsed in the shrieking glare between strobe bursts. For fans of Groove Armada, Morcheeba and Massive Attack.