Speedy Ortiz

Foil Deer

  • cak103cd
  • Release Date: April 20th 2015
  • £10.99 £8.24

Speedy Ortiz spent almost a month in the studio on 'Foil Deer'. Falcone's drums are taut, mechanistic; Ferm's bass ranges from the aggressive rattle of an AmRep classic to smoother, hip-hop inspired lines. McKnight, meanwhile, lends spacier, textural riffs to complement Dupuis' wiry, melody-driven guitar style. "The demos for our songs have always had tons of small details and production experimentation, but we never had any money to pay for more than a couple days in the studio, so the songs came out very live-sounding and guitar heavy," Dupuis says. It was recorded and mixed at Brooklyn's Rare Book Room with Nicolas Vernhes (Silver Jews, Enon, Deerhunter), with the record mastered by Emily Lazar (Sia, Haim, Beauty Pill), lending a more polished sound and a pop sensibility that will stand out to existing fans and new converts alike. For all the lyrical complexity and guitar-based excursions Speedy Ortiz have built their reputation on to this point, 'Foil Deer' has a sense of light-footed fun. What's the point of doing things yourself if you're not going to enjoy the trip?LP - Standard LP is gatefold, single black LP with chapbook, plus digital download card.LP+ - Deluxe LP Is as above but with metallic gold coloured vinyl, and sticker.CD - CD comes in Digipak with a folded poster approximating the chapbook in the LP.

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