Taman Shud

Viper Smoke

  • tmr4cd
  • Release Date: January 5th 2015
  • £10.99

Limited copies come with a bonus 4 Track CD of 3 Live tracks and a remix. Taman Shud made their debut on a split 10" EP with The Fat White Family and now release their first LP of, as they describe it, Blackened psychedelic motorcycle punk from hell. Taman Shud are a young band whose primary interests include paraphilia, vivisepulture, scaphism, Crom Cruach, Mokele-mbembe, cannibalism and the Marianas Trench. Taman Shud's heavy, gothic riff monsters are a wild, orgiastic release from day job existence, an inverted productivity chart over a blazing pyre as blunted melodies are swiftly pitchforked off the nearest cliff by the twin bass guitar assault of Tasha and deadpan Liverpudlian Derry. It's an unholy fusion of post-punk, no wave and psychedelic metal, like the Butthole Surfers of 'Sweat Loaf', the Sonic Youth of 'Death Valley 69' and the Chrome of 'TV As Eyes' being mugged by Les Rallizes Denudes and bundled off to a Walpurgisnacht convention of satanic biker gangs. Or as the band themselves put it, somewhat more succinctly: "DNA meets Mainliner. Meets Red Stripe." LP - With CD Version.