Thomas Fehlmann

1929 – Das Jahr Babylon

  • Release Date: December 14th 2018
  • £9.99

1929 - Das Jahr Babylon marks Thomas Fehlmann's third full length release of 2018 and presents what appears to be a creative peak in his career that spans beyond his solo career to his early days in Palais Schaumburg, collaborating with Moritz von Oswald as 3MB to his long time work with The Orb. Having left The Orb in late 2017 has set free unforeseen energies in Fehlmann's studio. A departure from his recent dance floor-friendly album Los Lagos released inSeptember on Kompakt, Thomas Fehlmann's 1929 - Das Jahr Babylon is a film soundtrack from the documentary that aired on ARD network.

Fehlmann's composition for 1929 consists of sample material taken from the era and thwarts the exaggerated lust for life with threatening undertones that anticipate the dawn of mankind's darkest chapter so far. Although all the sounds breathe yesterday's atmosphere this soundtrack bursts with modernity. Fehlmann accomplished the daring feat to musically render the unsettling resemblance between the political situation 90 years ago and our current time.