Wreckless Eric

Construction Time and Demolition

  • sd007lp
  • Release Date: April 27th 2018
  • £21.99

Wreckless Eric is Eric Goulden. He was given the name to hide behind. After a while he realised he was stuck with it. His recording career began in 1977 when he was little more than an ex-teenage art student with the enduring Whole Wide World (recently a Billboard chart hit all over again for the US band Cage The Elephant). He sidestepped the mechanics of fame and became Britain's premier underground household name, much loved and often underestimated. His new album Construction Time and Demolition is the culmination of over forty years of touring and recording - a life of hardship, creativity and getting away with it. Loud, dissonant, lyrical, sometimes gently melodic, Construction Time and Demolition is cogent music for desperate times.