More Fun In The New World

  • FP16982
  • Release Date: May 24th 2019
  • £11.99

X's fouth studio album, 1983's 'More Fun in the New World' in many ways continues where the others left off, with only a slight refinement to the sound and the subtlest of nods to the new decade. The ramalama punk meets Johnny n June approach is still in evidence (Devil Doll, I See Red) alongside rootsy country-leaning fare (Poor Girl, Hot House) and, in between, a few songs that square up to the less fun aspects of America (yes folks, that title be ironic) such as 'The New World' and 'I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts', that unfold with a sound that's really X's own. A New Romantic disco sound even gets a look in, albeit with a nod and a wink, whilst John Doe and Exene bemoan the fact that 'real American music' (Minutemen, Black Flag etc) is being prevented from being heard on the radio by the new British invasion of synthesizer toting twerps. Well I guess they had a point. So, plenty of variety on offer here and the songwriting is of a high standard. Ray Manzarek's production lets the music speak for itself and allows Billy Zoom's punkabilly-express guitar sounds to blend nicely with the drum shuffle, whilst John and Exene wail (often disharmonious, but it really works) over the top of the proceedings.