Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Show Your Bones

  • 9877235
  • Release Date: May 23rd 2013
  • £5.99

with their fluorescently salacious approach to music, yeah yeah yeahs burst onto the scene in 2001 with a stunning 6 track mini album, delivered at a blink-and-youll-miss-it pace. now, after a rather lengthy sabbatical, the new york fashion favs are back with the positively matured 'show your bones'. it's a sensational  record - all the brutal ire, thunderous passion and melodic beauty that 'fever to tell' hinted at comes siphoned through a gauze of accessibility and topped off with immense energy and tunes to kill for. it ranges from the delicious down-tempo soundscape (single 'gold lion'), swaggering sex-funk (the ll cool j-borrowing 'phenomena'), and anthemic epics ('turn into you'). however, the past life of yeah yeah yeahs still survives in the frenetic 'deja vu', with it's queens of the stone age riffs, and in the throwing muses chewing lava distorted beauty of 'fancy'.