Corbyn and Trident: Labour's Continuing Controversy

Carol Turner

Label Public Reading Rooms Genre Protest Cat no. 9780995535213

Carol Turner has produced a fascinating account of the turbulent debates within the Labour Party over this most crucial of questions.

What We Do Now: Standing Up For Your Values In Trump's America

Dennis Loy Johnson

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196596

In response to Trump's shocking election win and imminent inauguration, Melville House has pulled together a timely and essential 'instant book'. What We Do Now collects short essays by l...

Black Power 50

Sylvaine A. Diouf and Komozi Woodward

Label The New Press Genre Protest Cat no. 9781620971482

Black Power burst onto the world scene in 1966 with ideas, politics and fashion that opened the eyes of millions of people across the globe. In the United States, the movement spread like...

Dreams from My Father

Barack Obama

Label canongate Genre Protest Cat no. 9781782119258

The son of a black African father and a white American mother, Obama was only two years old when his father walked out on the family. Many years later, Obama receives a phone call from Na...

Hope in the Dark: Untold Histories, Wild Possibilities

Rebecca Solnit

Label canongate Genre Protest Cat no. 9781782119074

At a time when political, environmental and social gloom can seem overpowering, this remarkable work offers a lucid, affirmative and well-argued case for hope. This exquisite work traces ...

The Black Panthers: Portraits from an Unfinished Revolution

Bryan Shih and Yohuru Williams

Label Nation Genre Protest Cat no. 9781568585550

October 2016 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Black Panther Party, an organization that remains one of the most misunderstood of the twentieth century. But beyond the...

Bad Girls Throughout History

Ann Shen

Label Chronicle Books Genre Protest Cat no. 9781452153933

Aphra Behn, first female professional writer. Sojourner Truth, activist and abolitionist. Ada Lovelace, first computer programmer. Marie Curie, first woman to win the Nobel Prize. Joan Je...

Pocket Pantheon: Figures of Postwar Philosophy

Alain Badiou

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784786250

In Pocket Pantheon Alain Badiou, one of today's leading political and philosophical minds, invites readers to engage with some of the great thinkers of the postwar Western tradition such ...

Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School

Stuart Jeffries

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784785680

In 1923, a group of young radical German thinkers and intellectuals came together to at Victoria Alle 7, Frankfurt, determined to explain the workings of the modern world. Among the most ...

The Beautiful Struggle: A Memoir

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784785345

The Beautiful Struggle is an extraordinary memoir from the most important new voice in the US race debate and the author of New York Times bestseller list no. 1 Between the World and Me, ...

Scotland Yardie

Bobby Joseph and Joseph Samuels

Label Turnaround Genre Protest Cat no. 9780861662517

With institutionalised racism at an all-time high, the Metropolitan Police embark on their yearly drive to recruit more ethnic people in the police force. With little or no success they b...

The Pinch

David Willetts

Released 08/03/18 Label Atlantic Genre Protest Cat no. 9781786491220

The baby boom of 1945-65 produced the biggest, richest generation that Britain has ever known. Today, at the peak of their power and wealth, baby boomers now run our country; by virtue of...

The Crunk Feminist Collection

Brittney C. Cooper, Robin M Boylorn, Susana M. Morris

Released 01/12/17 Label feminist press Genre Protest Cat no. 9781558619432

For the Crunk Feminist Collective, their academic day jobs were lacking in conversations they actually wanted - relevant, real conversations about how race and gender politics intersect w...

As Radical as Reality Itself: Marxism and Tradition

Neil Davidson

Released 22/06/17 Label haymarket Genre Protest Cat no. 9781608466030

In this book of essays Neil Davidson examines Marxism's relationship to previously existing traditions (the Enlightenment), as well as the precise boundaries of the Marxist tradition itse...

Creating Freedom: Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future

Raoul Martinez

Released 25/05/17 Label canongate Genre Protest Cat no. 9781782111887

We are far less free than we like to think.

The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis

Patrick Kingsley

Released 18/05/17 Label faber Genre Protest Cat no. 9781783351060

Europe is facing a wave of migration unmatched since the end of World War II - and no one has reported on this crisis in more depth or breadth than the Guardian's migration correspondent,...

Border Bang

Jorge R. Gutierrez

Released 27/04/17 Label Cernunnos Genre Protest Cat no. 9782374950419

Border Bang is a passionate love letter to the Tijuana and US border, documenting the bootleg artifacts sold to locals and tourists alike. Reappropriating the bombardment of pop culture ...

Money on the Table

Corinne Sweet

Released 25/04/17 Label September publishing Genre Protest Cat no. 9781910463543

Their parents worked as miners and lace workers, but by the mid-20th century new opportunities beckoned for the children of Nottingham. Pauline, Betty, Doreen, Albert and Derek came from ...

How Revolutionary Were the Bourgeois Revolutions?

Neil Davidson

Released 17/03/17 Label haymarket Genre Protest Cat no. 9781608467310

Once of central importance to left historians and activists alike, recently the concept of the 'bourgeois revolution' has come in for sustained criticism from both Marxists and conservati...

Left Americana

Paul Le Blanc

Released 17/03/17 Label haymarket Genre Protest Cat no. 9781608466825

From the Marxist-tinged anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs to the Occupy Wall Street movement, these essays give a vibrant sense of the central role of the Left in social movements and st...

Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty First Century: An Introduction

Stephan Kaufmann and Ingo Stützle

Released 14/03/17 Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784786144

US Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman described Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century as 'perhaps the most important book of the last decade'. It has sparked major internation...

Requiem for the American Dream

Noam Chomsky

Released 09/03/17 Label Seven Stories Press Genre Protest Cat no. 9781609807368

Requiem for the American Dream is a work of some 70,000 words based on four years of interviews with Noam Chomsky on the subject of income equality. Chomsky considers these to be his fina...

Everywoman: One Woman's Truth About Speaking the Truth

Jess Phillips

Released 09/03/17 Label Hutchinson Genre Protest Cat no. 9781786330772

If you’re thinking, ‘Jess, who?’ then I’m glad that there was something about ‘Everywoman’ and ‘truth’ that caught your eye.Or you might already know me as that gobby MP who has a tendenc...

The Raqqa Diaries: Escape From Islamic State


Released 09/03/17 Label Hutchinson Genre Protest Cat no. 9781786330536

The Raqqa Diaries began as a series of short broadcasts on Radio 4’s Today Programme. Now one of the most isolated and fear ridden cities on earth, no-one is allowed to speak to western j...


Tariq Ramadan

Released 02/03/17 Label pelican Genre Protest Cat no. 9780141980508

Hardly a day goes by without mention of Islam. And yet, for most people, and in much of the world, Islam remains a little-known religion. Whether the issue is violence, terrorism, women's...

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

Released 02/03/17 Label particular books Genre Protest Cat no. 9780141986005

What if the princess did not marry Prince Charming but instead went on to be an astronaut or an activist? What if the jealous step sisters were supportive and kind? And what if the queen ...

NoNonsense Feminism

Nikki van der Gaag

Released 01/03/17 Label New Internationalist Genre Protest Cat no. 9781780263274

We were supposed to be in a 'post-feminist' age. But recently we've seen a resurgence of feminist campaigning among women (and some men). There's a new brand of feminism: young, social me...

Why I am Not a Feminist

Jessica Crispin

Released 27/02/17 Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196015

Are you a feminist? Do you believe women are human beings and that they deserve to be treated as such? That women deserve all the same rights and liberties bestowed upon men? If so, then ...

Against the Double Blackmail: Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours

Slavoj Zizek

Released 23/02/17 Label Penguin Genre Protest Cat no. 9780141984124

How do we respond to the refugee crisis - by opening our doors, or pulling up the drawbridge? Both solutions, argues Slavoj Žižek, offer ideological blackmail, and both are wrong. He prop...

Marxism and the Party

John Molyneux

Released 23/02/17 Label haymarket Genre Protest Cat no. 9781608465729

The question of party organisation has been a central concern of Marxists for more than a century.Marxism and the Party dispels the myths about 'democratic centralism' and demonstrates th...

Narconomics: How To Run a Drug Cartel

Tom Wainwright

Label ebury Genre Protest Cat no. 9781785030420

Everything drug cartels do to survive and prosper they’ve learnt from big business – brand value and franchising from McDonald’s, supply chain management from Walmart, diversification fro...

From Fatwa to Jihad

Kenan Malik

Label Atlantic Genre Protest Cat no. 9781786491046

Almost thirty years ago, the image of burning copies of Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses held aloft by thousand-strong mobs of protestors became an internationally familiar symbol of a...

The War of the End of Times

Graeme Wood

Label allen lane Genre Protest Cat no. 9780241240113

From Graeme Wood, author of the explosive Atlantic cover story "What ISIS Really Wants," comes the definitive book on the history, psychology, character, and aims of the Islamic State. Ba...

Culture as Weapon

Nato Thompson

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612195735

A leading activist art curator explores the ways corporations and governments have used culture to mystify and manipulate us. The production of culture was once the domain of artists, but...

Direct Action: Protest and the Reinvention of American Radicalism

L.A Kauffman

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784784096

What happened to the American left after the Sixties? This engrossing account traces the evolution of disruptive protest over the last 40 years to tell a larger story about the reshaping ...

Storytelling: Bewitching the Modern Mind

Christian Salmon

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784786588

Politics is no longer the art of the possible, but of the fictive. Its aim is not to change the world as it exists, but to affect the way that it is perceived. In Storytelling Christian S...

A Very Expensive Poison: The Definitive Story of the Murder of Litvinenko and Russia's War with the West

Luke Harding

Label faber Genre Protest Cat no. 9781783350940

1st November 2006: Alexander Litvinenko is brazenly poisoned in central London. Twenty-two days later he dies, killed from the inside by Polonium - a rare, lethal and highly radioactive s...

We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama

E.J. Dionne Jr. Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid

Label bloomsbury Genre Protest Cat no. 9781408889060

As president, Obama's words had the power to move the country, and often the world, as few presidents before him. Whether acting as Commander in Chief or Consoler in Chief, Obama adopted ...

A Gift of Love

Martin Luther King Jr.

Label Penguin Genre Protest Cat no. 9780141985183

As Martin Luther King, Jr. prepared for the Birmingham campaign in early 1963, he drafted the final sermons for Strength to Love, a volume of his best-known lectures. King had begun worki...

Disaster Capitalism: Making a Killing Out of Catastrophe

Antony Loewenstein

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784781187

Disaster has become big business. Best-selling journalist Antony Loewenstein trav­els across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Haiti, Papua New Guinea, the United States, Britain, Greece, and Austra...

The Ministry of Nostalgia: Consuming Austerity

Owen Hatherley

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784780760

From the marketing of a 'make do and mend' aesthetic to the growing nostalgia for a utopian past that never existed, a cultural distraction scam prevents people grasping the truth of thei...

1917: Russia's Red Year

John Newsinger and Tim Sanders

Label Bookmark Genre Protest Cat no. 9781910885208

In 1917, Russian women workers poured out of their factories on International Women's Day and sparked a revolution. Defying Cossacks armed with whips, they took control of the streets and...

Reminiscences of RAR

Roger Huddle

Label Redwords Genre Protest Cat no. 9781910885369

Rock Against Racism came into existence in the autumn of 1976 in response to a rise in racist attacks, and the continuing growth of the Nazi National Front. For the next six years RAR was...

Anarchy and the Sex Question : Essays on Women and Emancipation, 1896-1917

Emma Goldman

Label pm press Genre Protest Cat no. 9781629631448

Draws together the most important of Emma Goldman's many writings on 'The Sex Question. 'The Sex Question' emerged for Goldman in multiple contexts, and we find her addressing it in writi...

Fear of Mirrors

Tariq Ali

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784786939

For some East Germans, the fall of communism was like the end of a long and painful love affair: free to tell the truth at last, they found they no longer wanted to hear it. The nation ma...

Darkwater: Voices from Within the Veil

W.E.B. Du Bois

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784787752

The distinguished American civil rights leader, W. E. B. Du Bois first published these fiery essays, sketches, and poems individually nearly 80 years ago in theAtlantic, the Journal of Ra...

Beyond Black and White: Transforming African-American Politics

Manning Marable

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781784787660

Many in the US, including Barack Obama, have called for a 'post-racial' politics: yet race still divides the country politically, economically and socially.

Invisibility Blues: From Pop to Theory

Michele Wallace

Label verso Genre Protest Cat no. 9781786631954

New and updated edition of the classic work of black feminism.