The Forensic Records Society

Magnus Mills

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408878378

Within a few months we'd witnessed bickering, desertion, subterfuge and rivalry. I was rapidly coming to the conclusion that only a miracle could save us now.

The Art of the Affair: An Illustrated History of Love, Sex, and Artistic Influence

Catherine Lacey and Forsyth Harmon

Label bloomsbury Genre Art & Design Cat no. 9781632866554

Poet Robert Lowell died of a heart attack, clutching a portrait of his lover, Caroline Blackwood, painted by her ex-husband, Lucian Freud. Lowell was on his way to see his own ex-wife, El...

The Bricks That Built the Houses (SIGNED COPIES)

Kate Tempest

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408857335

Award-winning poet and rapper Kate Tempest's electrifying debut novel takes us into the beating heart of the capital in this multi-generational tale of drugs, desire and belonging.

Angelo Badalamenti's Soundtrack from Twin Peaks

Clare Nina Norelli

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781501323010

When Twin Peaks debuted on the ABC network on the night of April 8, 1990, thirty-five million viewers tuned in to some of the most unusual television of their lives. Centered on an eccent...

Scary Old Sex

Arlene Heyman

Label bloomsbury Genre Sex Cat no. 9781408865330

A woman goes about certain rituals of sex with her second husband, sharing the bed with the ghosts of her sexual past. A beautiful young art student embarks on an affair with a much older...

The Burning Ground

Adam O'Riordan

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408864777

In these eight stories, an English writer focuses his gaze on America's West Coast, moving from fractured lives in remote, sun-scorched towns to the charged hum of Venice Beach.

We Are the Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama

E.J. Dionne Jr. Jr. and Joy-Ann Reid

Label bloomsbury Genre Protest Cat no. 9781408889060

As president, Obama's words had the power to move the country, and often the world, as few presidents before him. Whether acting as Commander in Chief or Consoler in Chief, Obama adopted ...

Coming Through Slaughter

Michael Ondaatje

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9780747572626

Based on the life of cornet player Buddy Bolden, one of the legendary jazz pioneers of turn-of-the-twentieth-century New Orleans, Coming Through Slaughter is an extraordinary recreation o...

Appetites: A Cookbook

Anthony Bourdain

Label bloomsbury Genre Living Cat no. 9781408883839

As a restaurant professional, Bourdain spent his life on the fringes of normality - he worked while normal people played, and played while normal people slept. Since then he has settled (...


Slavoj Zizek

Label bloomsbury Genre Protest Cat no. 9781474272704

The concept of disparity has long been a topic of obsession and argument for philosophers but Slavoj Žižek would argue that what disparity and negativity could mean, might mean and should...

The Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy

Paula Mejia

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781628929508

The Jesus and Mary Chain's swooning debut Psychocandy seared through the underground and to the top of the pop charts, shifting the role of noise within pop music forever. Post-punk and p...

Saturday, 3pm: 50 Eternal Delights of Modern Football

Daniel Gray

Label bloomsbury Genre Living Cat no. 9781472925114

Overpaid players. Sunday lunchtime kick-offs. Absurd ticket prices. Non-black boots. Footballs menu of ills is long. Where has the joy gone? Why do we bother? Saturday, 3pm offers a glori...


Will Self

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408880326

Provocateurs Will Self and Ralph Steadman join forces in this post-millennial meditation on the vexed relationship between psyche and place in a globalised world, bringing together for th...

The Hustler

Walter S. Tevis

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9780747582830

'Turtle said again, "There's your money, boy," and Eddie turned and before he had the bills in his hand the hot, stubby fingers were clamped around his wrist and the sentence the man had ...


Robert L. Pike

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9780747578628

'Rossi isn't dead yet. And from what I hear, the Rossi brothers are pretty tough monkeys.' Clancy's knuckles whitened on the steering wheel. 'Yeah,' he said. 'They're all tough monkeys. U...


Armitage Trail

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9780747578611

'I'm Scarface. I'm just about ten times as hard-boiled as Johnny Lovo ever thought of being. I've bumped off six or eight myself and another one - especially a rat like you - wouldn't mea...

Cult Film as a Guide to Life: Fandom, Adaptation, and Identity

I Q Hunter

Label bloomsbury Genre On Film Cat no. 9781623565107

Cult Film as a Guide to Life investigates the world and experience of cult films, from well-loved classics to the worst movies ever made. Including comprehensive studies of cult phenomena...

M Train

Patti Smith

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781408867709

M Train begins in the tiny Greenwich Village café where Smith goes every morning for black coffee, ruminates on the world as it is and the world as it was, and writes in her notebook. Thr...

Experimentations: John Cage in Music, Art, and Architecture

Branden W. Joseph

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781501306396

Experimentations provides a detailed historical and theoretical analysis of the first three decades of experimental composer John Cage's aesthetic production (ca. 1940-1972).

Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

Sam Quinones

Label bloomsbury Genre Drugs Cat no. 9781620402528

In 1929, in the blue-collar city of Portsmouth, Ohio, a company built a swimming pool the size of a football field; named Dreamland, it became the vital center of the community. Now, addi...

David Bowie Style

Danny Lewis

Label bloomsbury Genre Art & Design Cat no. 9781408173763

David Bowie is renowned for his innovative, ever-changing style; from androgynous leotards and space-age jumpsuits to short-cut blazers and distressed frock coats. With an estimated 136 m...

Brian Eno

Sean Albiez and David Pattie

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781441129123

On the back of his published diary Brian Eno describes himself variously as: a mammal, a father, an artist, a celebrity, a pragmatist, a computer-user, an interviewee, and a drifting clar...

LCD Soundsystem's Sound Of Silver

Ryan Leas

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781501325618

When LCD Soundsystem broke up in 2011, they left behind a small but remarkable catalog of music. On top of the genius singles and a longform composition for Nike, there was a trilogy of f...

Marathon Man

William Goldman

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9780747578666

'Babe hobbled to his feet. His ankle hurt like hell and his face had scraped along the pavement, but he knew the sound of a beaten runner when he heard it. I'm a marathon man, he thought,...

The Wicked Boy: The Mystery of a Victorian Child Murderer

Kate Summerscale

Label bloomsbury Genre Living Cat no. 9781408851142

Early in the morning of Monday 8 July 1895, thirteen-year-old Robert Coombes and his twelve-year-old brother Nattie set out from their small, yellow-brick terraced house in East London to...

The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg

Tim Birkhead

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408851258

'I think that, if required on pain of death to name instantly the most perfect thing in the universe, I should risk my fate on a bird's egg' Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1862How are eggs o...

Gangster Warlords

Ioan Grillo

Label bloomsbury Genre Drugs Cat no. 9781408846056

In a ranch south of Texas, the man known as The Executioner dumps five hundred body parts in metal barrels. In Brazil's biggest city, a mysterious prisoner orders hit-men to gun down fort...

Jonathan Unleashed

Meg Rosoff

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408870778

Jonathan Trefoil's boss is unhinged, his relationship baffling and his apartment just the wrong side of legal. His girlfriend wants to marry someone just like him - only richer and more o...

At Hawthorn Time

Melissa Harrison

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408859070

SHORTLISTED FOR THE COSTA NOVEL AWARD 2015 LONGLISTED FOR THE BAILEYS WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2016Four-thirty on a May morning: the black fading to blue, dawn gathering somewhere below ...

Cuckoo: Cheating by Nature

Nick Davies

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408856581

Beloved as a herald of spring, cuckoos have held a place in our hearts for centuries. But for many other birds the cuckoo is a signal of doom, for it is nature's most notorious cheat. In ...

Thatcher Stole My Trousers

Alexei Sayle

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408864531

'What I brought to comedy was an authentic working-class voice plus a threat of genuine violence - nobody in Monty Python looked like a hard case who'd kick your head in.'In 1971 comedian...

Another Little Piece of My Heart: My Life of Rock and Revolution in the '60s

Richard Goldstein

Label bloomsbury Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781408858103

In 1961, Richard Goldstein saw Bob Dylan perform for the first time at Carnegie Hall. Rock music was in its infancy, and revolution was in the air. Criticism of the genre didn't yet exist...

Sick In The Head

Judd Apatow

Label bloomsbury Genre On Film Cat no. 9780715650608

Before becoming one of the most successful filmmakers in Hollywood, Judd Apatow was the original comedy nerd. At fifteen, he took a job washing dishes in a local comedy club-just so he co...

Landskipping: Painters, Ploughmen and Places

Anna Pavord

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408868911

Landskipping is a ravishing celebration of landscape, its iridescent beauty and its potential to comfort, awe and mesmerise. In spirit as Romantic as rational, Anna Pavord explores the di...

No Way But Gentlenesse

Richard Hines

Label bloomsbury Genre CBTR Cat no. 9781408868010

"There is no way but gentlenesse to redeeme a Hawke" Edmund Bert, 1619Born and raised in the South Yorkshire mining village of Hoyland Common, Richard Hines remembers sliding down heaps o...

Popkiss: The Life and Afterlife of Sarah Records

Michael White

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781628922189

​From 1987 to 1995, Bristol, England s Sarah Records was a modest underground success and, for the most part, a critical laughingstock in its native country sneeringly dismissed as the sa...


Patti Smith

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781408832301

​In this small, luminous memoir, the National Book Award-winner Patti Smith revisits the most sacred experiences of her early years, with truths so vivid they border on the surreal. The a...

The Hollow of the Hand (Paperback)

PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy

Label bloomsbury Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781408865736

Between 2011 and 2014 PJ Harvey and Seamus Murphy set out on a series of journeys together to Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington DC. Harvey collected words, Murphy collected pictures, an...

Tales From Concrete Jungles

David Lindo

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781472918376

​When you think about going birdwatching, you imagine visiting magnificent open countryside, rolling hills, lush woodland or waterlogged marshes. You don't think of towns and cities. In f...

Inglorious - Conflict In The Uplands

Mark Avery

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781472917416

Driven grouse shooting, where flocks of Red Grouse are chased by lines of beaters so that they fly over lines of 'guns' that shoot the fast-flying birds, is a peculiarly British fieldspor...


Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781472911681

​The Boids are back in town ...The follow-up to the award-winning EXTINCT BOIDS, this book features more of the incredible art of cartoonist Ralph Steadman. This time the focus is not on ...

At Hawthorn Time

Melissa Harrison

Label bloomsbury Cat no. 9781408859049

​Four-thirty on a May morning: the black fading to blue, dawn gathering somewhere behind the treeline in the east. A long, straight road runs between sleeping fields to the little village...