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Freya of The Seven Isles

Joseph Conrad

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781933633138

There is a degree of bliss too intense for elation. Freya of the Seven Isles was written in the year 1910 by Joseph Conrad. This book is one of the most popular novels of Joseph Conrad.

The Geography of Madness

Frank Bures

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9781612195568

The Geography of Madness is an investigation of "culture-bound" syndromes, which are far stranger than they sound. Why is it, for example, that some men believe, against all reason, that...


Sady Doyle

Released 31/08/17 Label melville house Genre Sex Cat no. 9781612196480

She's everywhere once you start looking for her: the trainwreck. She's Britney Spears shaving her head, Whitney Houston saying, 'crack is whack,' and Amy Winehouse, dying in front of mill...

The Talented Ribkins

Ladee Hubbard

Released 17/08/17 Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612196367

2016 winner of the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writer's Award and riffing off W.E.B. Du Bois' famous essay, this marvelously inventive novel tells the story of Johnny Ribkins, a 72-year old Afr...

The Monster's Daughter

Michelle Pretorius

Released 27/07/17 Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612196220

Somewhere on the South African veld, 1901: At the height of the Boer War, a doctor at a British concentration camp conducts a series of grim experiments on Boer prisoners. His work ends ...

Viking Economics: How the Scandinavians Got It Right-and How We Can, Too

George Lakey

Label melville house Genre Thinking Cat no. 9781612196213

Liberals worldwide invoke Scandinavia as a promised land of equality, while most conservatives fear it as a hotbed of liberty-threatening socialism. But the left and right can usually agr...

The Anatomy of Inequality

Per Molander

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9781612196237

In a clear-eyed and timeless account, Per Molander examines the development of the phenomenon of social inequality in the modern world, the history of inequality, and what can be done abo...

Dirty Wars and Polished Silver

Lynda Schuster

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196343

"I'm happy to report that adventure I found, beyond my wildest imaginings. Glamour, too. And love. But there were other things lurking - danger, death, personal loss - that I did not fore...


Francesco Pacifico

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195933

Ludovica and Lorenzo live in Rome. She works in her family's bookstore, and he's a filmmaker - or, rather, a "filmmaker": so far, all he's produced is one pretentious short film that even...

Underground Fugue

Margot Singer

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781911545040

Esther, an American recovering from the death of her adolescent son and seeming dissolution of her marriage moves to London to care for her dying mother; Lonia, Esther's mother, is haunte...


Chris West

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9780993414992

Do you think the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, with its crazy props, even crazier dancers and crazier still songs has nothing to do with serious European politics? Think again. Th...

Man Who Designed the Future

B. Alexandra Szerlip

Label melville house Genre Art & Design Cat no. 9781612195629

A ninth-grade dropout who found himself at the center of the worlds of industry, advertising, theater, and even gaming, Bel Geddes designs included the first all-weather stadium, Manhatta...

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

Susan Bordo

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196633

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an answer to the question we've all been asking: How did an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced, and admired candidate--whose victory would h...

The Mirror Thief

Martin Seay

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9780993414985

One of the most audacious and confident debuts in years, The Mirror Thief is a masterful puzzle: a genre-hopping novel that combines a layered, rewarding mystery with serious literary amb...

Becoming Leonardo

Mike Lankford

Label melville house Genre Art & Design Cat no. 9781612195957

While Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most discussed artists of all time, it's shocking how little is actually known about him at least, according to most of his biographies. Why did he l...

Farewell Speeches

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196886

"My fellow citizens, it has been the honor of my life to serve you. I won't stop." President Barack Obama

Michel Foucault: The Last Interview

Michel Foucault

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9781612195995

Few philosophers have had as powerful an influence on the 20th century as Michel Foucault. This volume collects his most significant interviews and addresses the themes that made his voic...

More Alive and Less Lonely

Jonathan Lethem

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612196039

With impassioned appeals for forgotten writers and overlooked books, razor-sharp essays, and personal accounts of extraordinary literary encounters, Jonathan Lethem's More Alive and Less ...

Why I am Not a Feminist

Jessica Crispin

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612196015

Are you a feminist? Do you believe women are human beings and that they deserve to be treated as such? That women deserve all the same rights and liberties bestowed upon men? If so, then ...

We, Robots

Curtis White

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9781612196107

In the tradition of Jaron Lanier's You Are Not a Gadget, a rousing, sharply argued and, yes, inspiring! reckoning with our blind faith in technology

Wolf Among Wolves

Hans Fallada

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781911545019

Set in Weimar Germany soon after Germany's catastrophic loss of World War I, the story follows young veteran Wolf, a handsome, amiable and shiftless young man, addicted to the thrill of g...

Little Man, What Now?

Hans Fallada

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781911545033

This is the book that led to Hans Fallada's downfall with the Nazis. The story of a young couple struggling to survive the German economic collapse was a worldwide sensation and was made ...

The Drinker

Hans Fallada

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781911545026

Written in an encrypted notebook while incarcerated in a Nazi insane asylum and discovered after his death, The Drinker may be Hans Fallada's most breathtaking piece of craftsmanship. It ...

Culture as Weapon

Nato Thompson

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612195735

A leading activist art curator explores the ways corporations and governments have used culture to mystify and manipulate us. The production of culture was once the domain of artists, but...


Hernan Ronsino

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195674

In a derelict town in Argentina's pampa, a decades-old betrayal simmers among a group of friends. One returns from serving time for a crime he didn't commit; another, a policeman with tie...

The Last Interview

Martin Luther King, Jr

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612196169

A fascinating collection of pivotal interviews with the most influential leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Dunwich Horror

H.p. Lovecraft

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195810

All the while, his sorcerer grandfather indoctrinates Wilbur into certain dark rituals and the study of witchcraft. For his grandfather is harbouring a terrible being, a grotesque monster...

Billy Budd, Sailor

Herman Melville

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195858

In 1797 during the Napoleonic Wars, Lieutenant Ratcliffe of the H.M.S. Bellipotent is picking men for the ship's next expedition. Billy Budd is selected, and speaking to Billy's old shipm...

At the Bay

Katherine Mansfield

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195834

Set in the author's native New Zealand, At the Bay describes a day in the life of a small rural community and is a vivid, impressionistic evocation of family life. Divided into twelve sec...

Oliver Sacks: The Last Interview

Oliver Sacks

Label melville house Genre Living Cat no. 9781612195773

'The poet laureate of medicine' (New York Times) illuminated the mysteries of the brain for a wide audience in a series of richly acclaimed books, including Awakenings and The Man Who Mis...

David Bowie: The Last Interview

David Bowie

Label melville house Genre Rock ’n’ Roll Cat no. 9781612195759

The latest addition to The Last Interview series concentrates on the late great David Bowie. Bowie was famous for his fascinating refusal to stay the same - the same as other trending art...

J.D. Salinger: The Last Interview

J.D Salinger

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195896

The Catcher in the Rye's Holden Caulfield might have one of the most recognizable voices in American literature, but, as readers, we've heard precious little from his legendary creator, J...

The Anatomy of Inequality: Its Social and Economic Origins - and Solutions

Per Molander

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612195698

Inequality is the word of the moment - the big political issue of the day, and who better to help us understand it and how we can bring about greater equality than one of the world's fore...


Michael M Thomas

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612194981

What if a candidate who promised hope and change had agreed to staff his campaign with Wall Street insiders in exchange for very secret campaign cash? And what if those insiders then made...

The Money Cult

Chris Lehmann

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612195087

We think we know the story of American religion: the Puritans were cold, austere, and pious, and Christianity continued pure and uncorrupted until the industrial revolution got in the way...

The Happy Marriage

Tahar Ben Jelloun

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612194653

​In The Happy Marriage, the internationally acclaimed Moroccan author Tahar Ben Jelloun tells the story of one couple—first from the husband's point of view, then from the wife's—just as ...

Good On Paper

Rachel Cantor

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612194707

​The highly anticipated second novel from a writer Emily St. John Mandel calls "sharp, witty, and immensely entertaining"Is a new life possible? Because Shira Greene's life hasn't quite t...

The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome

Serge brussolo

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612194684

In The Deep Sea Diver's Syndrome, lucid dreamers called mediums dive into their dreams to retrieve ectoplasms - sticky blobs with curiously soothing properties that are the only form of a...

Viking Economics

George Lakey

Label melville house Genre Protest Cat no. 9781612195360

Scandinavians work less than we do, they have free childcare and healthcare, and they're just generally happier. We're told that we can't have what they have... but what if we can? In Vik...

The Mirror Thief

Martin Seay

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195148

A globetrotting, time-bending, wildly entertaining literary tour de force in the tradition of Cloud Atlas.The Mirror Thief is a dazzling combination of a genre-hopping adventure, a fast-p...

Nora Ephron: The Last Interview

Nora Ephron

Label melville house Genre On Film Cat no. 9781612195247

A hilarious and revealing look at one of America's most cherished screenwriters. From the beginning of her career as a young journalist to her final interview - a warm, wise, heartbreakin...

Ernest Hemingway: The Last Interview

Ernest Hemingway

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612195223

Hemingway was not only known for his understated style, but for his public image as America's greatest author and journalist - and for the grand, expansive, adventurous way he lived his l...

Philip K. Dick: The Last Interview

Philip K. Dick

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195261

Long before Ridley Scott transformed Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) into Blade Runner (Warner Bros., 1982), Philip K. Dick was banging away at his typewriter in relative obsc...

Jane Jacobs: The Last Interview

Jane Jacobs

Label melville house Genre Lyrics Cat no. 9781612195346

Published on the centenary of Jane Jacobs's birth, an indispensible collection of conversations with America's greatest most influential urban criticHailed by the New York Times Book Revi...

The Argonauts

Maggie Nelson

Label melville house Genre Art & Design Cat no. 9780993414916

An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family.A timely and genre-bending memoir that offers fresh and fierce reflections on motherhood, d...

Break Up The Banks!

David Shirreff

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612195025

Break Up The Banks! is a sensible, actionable and totally accessible call to arms from an acclaimed financial journalist. It's been seven years since the financial crisis, but has anyone ...

Melancholy Accidents

Peter Manseau

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612195063

Shocked by the epidemic of gun violence in America, acclaimed writer Peter Manseau found himself absorbed by the 'melancholy accidents' that appeared in 19th century newspapers: daily acc...

The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy

David Graeber

Label melville house Cat no. 9781612195186

Where does the desire for endless rules and regulations come from? How did we come to spend so much time filling out forms? And just how much are our lives being ruined by all this nonsto...