Rough Trade Shops

Magazine - Issue 7

Label Rough Trade Shops Genre UK & EU Cat no. roughmag007


The very autumnal Issue 7 of Rough Trade Magazine contains the following treats for your eyes and...hands?

• An interview with D.D Dumbo conducted in the back seat of his car in his home town of Castlemaine, Australia.

• Fantastic reviews of our top 10 albums of the month by Rough Trade's Delia Sparrow

• Jack Sills of Light in the Attic speaks of his love for 90s lowrider culture in LA

• Writer Craig Taylor reviews cult book The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West• Elizabeth Skadden is interviewed about her fascinating life by Rough Trade's John Webb

• Ricky Gervais (yes, THE Ricky Gervais) is interviewed about the music that shaped his life by Liv Siddall

• Jof Owen discusses his fear of brains• A funny Skype convo between Jack and James of Ultimate Painting and Sean Yeaton from Parquet Courts

• Brian Boone's "Entries on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums of all Time List Whose Titles Sound like Fart Jokes"

• A love letter to Bruce Springsteen by Rough Trade's Gaz Moore

• A convo between cute brothers Michael and Brian of The Lemon Twigs, photographed in a park near the shop by Anna Victoria Best

• Jonathan Richman responds to a question about the importance of French musicians

• A piece about our Label of the Month Trouble in Mind by writer Marc Masters

• An interview with Honnda by Rough Trade West's Tom McDowell

• A horoscope from Sunflower Bean, very much worth a read.

• A comic by Daniel Brereton inspired by the melancholy of Arthur Russell