Manuel Gottsching

E2 E4 - 2016 - 35th Anniversary Edition

Label MG Art Genre Krautrock Cat no. mgart424


Label MG Art Genre Krautrock Cat no. mgart904


In anticipation of the 35th anniversary next year one of electronic music ́s most influential recordings, the legendary E2-E4, from 12.12.1981 gets an official rerelease by Manuel Gottsching on his own Label MG.Aart...Carefully overseen by the Master himself. One of the few records Gottsching released under his own name, 'E2-E4' has earned its place as one of the most important, influential electronic records ever released. What sets it apart from music that came before is a steadfast refusal to follow the popular notions of development in melody and harmony. Instead, E2-E4 continues working through similar territory for close to an hour with an application to trance-state electronics missing from most of the music that preceded it. Though the various components repeat themselves incessantly, it's how they interact and build that determines the sound - and that's the essence of most electronic dance music, that complex interplay between several repetitive elements. LP - 180 Gram, beautiful embossed Chess Board Artwork Print, inner sleeve with artist picture and text by David Elliott, Sounds June 16, 1984. CD Jewel Case With 8 pages Booklet, Pictures and Notes.The music’s reputation in dance music circles reached a peak when three Italo producers approached him about re-working the tune for a dance music 12” in 1989. That record, released under the name “Sueño Latino,” turned out to be an international hit, and a 1992 remix from Detroit producer Derrick May brought the music full circle. Which gets back to one of E2-E4’s essential qualities: cut in a single hour, it wound its way across the world, morphing and changing with formats and remixes, finding new contexts, a music that is constantly in the process of becoming.