Todd Terje

Jungelknugen (Four Tet and Prins Thomas Remixes)

Label Olsen Genre Disco Cat no. ols017


After the show it's the after party and before the album it's the remix single?! That's right folks, the Todd is back, bucking trends and shucking conventions to bring us two tip top reworks of an as yet unreleased original. Now you can't trust any old knob-twiddler with an assignment this specialist, so it's only right that Terje invites a pair of esteemed audio experts onto the ISS Olsen for operation Jungelknugen. Taking the console for A-side manoeuvres, Four Tet scans the star maps and picks out a particularly jazzy path to a distant dance floor dimension. Hanging a left down Myrtle Avenue, the Text boss takes off with a surge of spectral arps, swelling sine waves and shuffling percussion, the sweet syncopation of off-beat piano leaving Earth's atmosphere in the rear view mirror. The ship shudders as we head for hyperspace, unleashing a booming bassline so weighty it has its own gravitational field - perfect for keeping the dancefloor packed like interstellar sardines. Over on the flip, Olsen regular Prins Thomas gets in on the action, rocking a retro-futurist remix which reps vintage R&S, Dutch electro and Sheffield bass on its way down the space techno highway. Pairing an infectious breakbeat with nagging sequences and full bodied subs, Thomas tunes up the rhythm section, tickling our collective fancy with a particularly x-rated bassline. Up at the top end fluttering keys blur into the nebulous swirl of dopamine-drenched vocals, ensuring we're in for a full frequency assault. Part robot - part raver, this snarler sounds like a secret Decepticon mixtape snatched from Soundwave's chest-deck and re-routed onto the blackest wax for your late night pleasure. So there you have it, a two track party platter packing spacious bassweight, astral jazz and abstract grooves from the minds of Four Tet and Prins Thomas. As for that Terje original, who knows? We'll have to wait until the LP to find out...