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Album of the Month October 2017

Kelela - Take Me Apart

The past, present and future of R&B in one album ranging from poignant melodies to dancefloor grooves to slo- mo sweetness for when you just don’t want the night to end...

Limited Rough Trade Exclusive: double neon orange vinyl with poster, lyric booklet, download and bonus CD

On Take Me Apart shuffling beats lay a shimmering path for blissed out honey-rich, echoed vocal harmonies to trip across their slippy slinky rhythms. An odyssey of slick beats and sweet treats. Ethereal ghostly synths float across your speakers and the soulful and moody tones of Kelela invite and entice you.

"It's this tapestry I've knitted together that attracts different types of listeners and challenges them at the same time, often within the same song. That's what I want to bring to my entire catalogue" says Kelela.