Anna Von Hausswolff

Dead Magic

  • Signed Copy - Standard black vinyl.
  • Release Date: March 16th 2018
  • $27.99

Anna Von Hauswolff's new album Dead Magic via City Slang. Available here on LP and CD.

When asked for her commentary on the content of the album, Von Hauswolff provided this quote from Swedish author Walter Ljungquist. "Take a human death, a thin, pathetic outer contour that encloses a great, unknown silence. It is in that silence, in an unknown, just imagine the center as the legend grows. Ah yes! Therefore, there are no legends in our time. Our time is a time without silence and secrets, and without it there are no living legends."

LP+ - Signed Copy.

LP - Standard Black Vinyl.

CD+ - Standard CD.

CDx2 - Digipack with City Slang Sampler CD.

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