Now! (in a minute)

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#1 Album of the Month - November 2018

audiobooks' album Now! (in a minute). Available here on Rough Trade Exclusive Limited Edition White Colored LP, Standard LP and CD. All formats include Bonus CD.

London-based Evangeline Ling and (acclaimed producer) David Wrench have just signed to Heavenly to launch their debut album together. Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa is the only other player on the album adding some percussive moments.

Sweet female vocals weave a surreal story that’s duetted with electronics and the occasional crooning swain. Behind are soft and subtle ticking beats. The ghosts of pop songs swoop around playing throw and catch with glitched synths and mega-choirs. Girl / boy back and forth vocals share their songs with squelching, frothing synths whirring and popping. Some gentle dub drifts in for a visitation before being banished to make way for more pop. Skewiff synths slide and quiver and fry your brain.

Exclusive Album Track by Track

Mother Hen

We wrote and recorded this on the 2nd day we hung out. Evangeline was so excited to do more work that she travelled across London in her Batman pyjamas so as not to waste any time.

Hot Salt

We wrote and recorded Hot Salt on Midsummer last year, channelling the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass of 70s synths and electric sitars to initiate a Donna Summer Solstice.

It Get Be So Swansea

What might happen is an RnB singer visited Swansea and fell in love over a plate of local seafood.

Friends in the Bubblebath

A song about friendship, about living in the present, though still being aware of the transient nature of everything. But even when things pass, a skeletal memory remains which can still summon up a living essence. .... and enjoying bubble baths.

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Womanly Blood

Recorded after a conversation about the practicalities of menstruating for astronauts. Performed live with a drum machine from the 1960s and then Stella from Warpaint joins in when least expected.

Grandma Jimmy

Our first time of setting one of Evangeline’s stories to music. Recorded after a night out at Jah Shaka soundsystem night of extremely loud dub reggae.

Dance Your Life Away

The soundtrack to a party on the verge of chaos in a hip LA hotel. A party you wish you were invited to, but you go anyway, disguised as a cleaner. You leave minus all your body hair.

Call Of Duty Free

The second story on the record. A cautionary tale of when bluetooth speakers can cause family meltdown, and the temptations of duty free alcohol.

Period Talk

Evangeline’s period started while we were recording, and so we made her a nest on the sofa and lit lots of candles. She lay there singing and drinking whiskey while David made psychedelic sounds.

Audiobooks 001

Spooky Algorithms

Born out of a jam following hours spent listening to amazing records by Brazilian artists Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Rita Lee and Elis Regina as part of David’s efforts to learn Portuguese. The lyrics are in part inspired by nights out in Barcelona after going to Primavera and seeing Grace Jones and Slayer.

Dealing With Hoarders

Written when we realised we were both being driven mad by living with people who hoard. We got so angry we had to channel this into a song.

Car Sick

This started life as an audio text message from Evangeline to David that arrived in the middle of the night and initially confused him until he realised it was a song idea. It took a turn for the discordant when they acquired a Melotron and added a synthetic medieval wind ensemble.


The result of an experiment in telepathic songwriting. Entirely improvised and unedited it was recorded before going to a barbecue.

All formats come with a 12 minute bonus CD featuring I Wish my Lady Sang with a Sore Throat More and Hot Salt (Nik Colk Void LPF mix).

LP+ - Rough Trade Exclusive - Limited to 1,000 Copies on White Colored LP with Bonus CD.

LP - Standard LP. Includes Bonus CD.

CD - 4-Panel Digipack. Includes Bonus CD.

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