B Boys

Live at Rough Trade

  • BBOYS001
  • Release Date: September 28th 2018
  • $16.99

Live from Brooklyn Sound, B Boys' set recorded live and pressed onto Rough Trade Exclusive Vinyl (Limited to only 500 copies).

The Brooklyn Brewery is teamed up with their friends at Captured Tracks to bring you Brooklyn Sound, a full night of music and beer featuring B Boys, Wax Chattels, and Gel Set at Rough Trade NYC. This is much, much more than just another concert. Brooklyn Sound featured tech, games, prizes, and plenty more, all surrounding some of our favorite new artists and of course, beer.

B Boys

Three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity, B Boys offer up to the world their sonic manifesto, “No Worry No Mind" (out 3/18). A relief from the mania, an expression of duality, an extension of Dadaism.

Born in different times from alternate altered states, these B's convene on the astral plane, channeling the individual experience and wisdom from their respective points of origin into a singular entity. Abstraction takes a triangular form: vibrant guitar melodies, undulating bass lines, deep swirling grooves. Sounds that transcend a linear timeline, splintering out across multiple spectrums. Interlocking vocals skillfully bob and weave overtop, their mantras resounding. But don't be fooled, they're just like anyone else -- they put their chinos on one leg at a time.

You’ve got something growing out your neck, my friend. Are you willing to hear its call? Open your Self to the frequencies and let the vibrations illuminate your being.

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Featured in: Exclusive, Label Focus - Captured Tracks