Bang! Bros.

Big BANG! Theory (Part One)

  • CS-HAUSMO-85
  • Release Date: April 26th 2019
  • $9.99

BANG! BROS' Big Bang! Theory Part I, Available Here on Cassette Tape.

Western Massachusetts-based machine manglers BANG! BROS. have established themselves as trailblazing exponents of a fried strain of free jazz / noise improvisation built on the unpredictable live input of hands on drum machines and electronics. Big BANG! Theory lands on Hausu Mountain as a two-part set of tapes that find the core duo of Arkm Foam and Mark Johnson forming into some deranged conception of a jazz trio with the presence of saxophonist Andy Allen (ex-Guerilla Toss). While Foam and Johnson lock into momentary shared grooves or butt heads like rams charging each other, Allen threads his saxophone through the mix in winding, off-kilter lead lines and moments of heavy-blown brass intensity.

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