Battle Break

Battle Break 2

  • PRR009
  • Release Date: April 25th 2019
  • $18.99

Low Jack, Clara!, David Coquelin (DJ David Goblin) and the other nutters at PRR! PRR! throw down a glut of party trax on the 2nd Battle Breaks’ pack

Leading on from their feral ‘Ork Muzik’ CD, the crew spray pure bullets between the likes of Keiska’s reggaeton flip of The Prodigy (didn’t Endgame do this already?), and The Hobbeats’ skizzo hardcore in ‘Neighbourhood Joyride’, rounding up a cheeky minimix of legendary Euro label ‘ZYX’ from DJ Wolfi Bernreuther alongside a collage of ‘Reggaeton Signatures’ patched together by Clara! & DJ Coquelin, and the crunchy bogle of Low Jack a.k.a. B-Ball Joints’ ‘Dumb Reggae Rock Joint’.

Fucking A