Be Svendsen

Between a Smile and a Tear

  • ZZZCD126
  • Digipack.
  • Release Date: January 18th 2019
  • $16.99

Rough Trade Album of the Month - January 2019

Dance floor desert-tech pioneer Be Svendsen releases his first full length album. Available on Double Standard Black Vinyl.

Be Svendsen – Dancefloor heavy hitter and pioneer of the desert-tech sound, releases his first full length album on Copenhagen’s Music For Dreams label. Here he reaches beyond the dusty dance floors that brought him recognition, and connects with nostalgic roots of music from his childhood. After a series of very well received singles and ep’s on labels like Crosstown Rebels and All Day I Dream, we now get a deeper peep into what it’s like Be’ing Svendsen.

Between A Smile a Tear is a wide spanning album in terms of mood, instrumentation, tempi and style, with clear references that reach back to a time where experimental innocence met the futuristic and forward thinking. Be Svendsens describes his music as “Tarantino Techno”. He brings in emotional guitar melodies and dry strings, and adds it to his club universe where moods can change in an instant. With many talented musicians featured on the album, Be Svendsen shows us his diversity that spans from innovative deep new-disco cuts, galactic journey melodies, analogue ambient atmosphere to classic song writing, soundtrack’esque epicness, and a deep-tech organic collaboration with Henri Texier. We even get a taste of Be Svendsens own vocals.

2LP - Double Vinyl Set.

CD - Digipack.

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