Beach House


  • SP965
  • Release Date: June 30th 2017
  • $7.99

Beach House's Bloom. Available here on Double LP, Standard CD and Cassette.

'bloom' is the fourth full-length album by baltimore-based beach house. it builds on 2010s 'teen dream' to further develop their distinctive sound yet stands apart as a new piece of work. 'bloom' is meant to be experienced as an album, a singular, unified vision of the world. though not stripped down, the many layers of 'bloom' are uncomplicated and meticulously constructed to ensure there is no waste. 'bloom' was recorded in 2011 at sonic ranch studios in tornillo, tx and mixed at electric lady in nyc. the band co-produced the record with chris coady.

LPx2 - Double LP.

CD - Standard CD.

Tape - Standard Cassette.

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